IUC Nippon Foundation Fellowship Program 2015-16

From Tatsuaki Kobayashi, Chief Manager of the International Network Team at the The Nippon Foundation:

I would like to share this information about the IUC Nippon Foundation Fellowship Program 2015-16. The IUC (Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies) is one of the leading Japanese language institutes for high-level Japanese. Since 2013, the Nippon Foundation has offered fellowships to 10 promising graduate students in Japanese Studies doctorate courses in the US, who participated in a 10 month Japanese language training course in Yokohama.

The Nippon Foundation has decided to expand the number of grantees from 10 to 20, and also to extend the scope of the program from Japanese Studies to Professional Schools such as law, MBAs, governmental officials, journalists and so on. This is a new initiative that will start from 2016, and IUC has recently made the call for applications from potential candidates. I suppose that this program will be appealing to some of JETAA members who want to seek professional career paths related to Japan.

I believe that this program would be a strong basis for nurturing the next generation of leaders who will build the US-Japan relationship.

You may find more details about the program in the following website:


If you have any questions, please contact the IUC Secretariat; iucjapan@stanford.edu.

With best wishes,

T. Kobayashi