RMJETAA Leadership Opportunities

The following is a brief description of the leadership positions available in RMJETAA:


  • guide meetings and create monthly agenda
  • liaise with members and Consulate General of Japan at Denver
  • maintain archives of position as appropriate
  • make speeches at RMJETAA and JET-related Events

Vice President

  • assume all Presidential Duties in the event the President is not available to complete their term or not able to attend a meeting/event
  • provide support to the president
  • responsible for leading the meetings and fulfilling other duties when the president is unable to do so
  • perform other duties deemed necessary and appropriate by the president
  • maintain archives of position as appropriate


  • maintain financial records
  • collect and distributes funds appropriately
  • keep track of and balance the budget
  • prepare Grant-In-Aid forms for CLAIR
  • prepare and submit pre- and post-quarterly MOFA reports to Consulate General of Japan at Denver
  • collect receipts and send to either CLAIR or Consulate for reimbursement as appropriate
  • write checks to reimburse Board Members
  • manage bank account accurately
  • maintain archives of position as appropriate


  • Record, distribute, and post minutes of the monthly meetings
  • Ensure membership database is accurately maintained
  • Manage communication with members
  • Take attendance at events
  • Manage digital and web-based assets and equipment
  • Maintain RMJETAA Inventory
  • Maintain archives of position as appropriate


Other Leadership Positions

  • Membership Coordinator (new!)
    • maintain membership database
    • Collaborate with JET Coordinator at Consulate
    • maintain Social Media membership
      • Facebook
      • Linked In
      • RMJETAA Website
  • Media/PR Coordinator
    • Collaborate with Events Coordinator to promote events on all media platforms and email
    • Newsletter/blog
    • Email
    • Collect pictures from events,
    • Solicit articles
    • Collaborate with Webmaster for content for website
  • Event Coordinator
    • research possible venues for events;
    • serve as point of contact with event venues and service providers before and during event;
    • oversee event logistics
    • organize and delegate duties to manage details of RMJETAA events such as venue set up, menu selection, and payment for services/space rental;
    • oversee preparation and distribution of announcements for events and
    • under the supervision of the secretary, maintain archives of position.
  • Webmaster
    • Manage digital and web-based assets;
    • Collaborate with PR/Media Coordinator to produce digital announcements for events;
    • Provide technical training for board members;
    • Maintain control as root user or administrator over web-based platforms;
    • Maintain archives of position as appropriate