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2016-17 Board Elections – Call for Platforms!

It’s election time! We’re looking for motivated members who would like to be part of the 2016-17 JETAA Rocky Mountain board, a team that creates cultural events, supports past, present and future JET Program participants, and continues to build that bridge between the US and Japan. You’ll have an opportunity to connect with not only with local JET alums and other Japanese communities, but also to be a part of the extensive national network.

To be a board member, you must be a JET Program alum and you must be able to attend a majority of board meetings (held once a month in the Denver area, generally on the 2nd Sunday) either in-person or via video chat.

If you would like to run for elections to hold office on the JETAA Rocky Mountain Board, you must submit a platform. Platforms will be posted to the JETAARM website. All Alumni residing in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming are eligible. You must also have your information up to date in our database. If you submit a platform, the JETAARM secretary will ask you by email to submit a a photo. Platforms must be submitted by February 21st, 2016. If you have additional questions please email the secretary, Adam Lisbon, at

Click Here to Submit Your Platform!

Please be aware that our bylaws require candidates to be present at the Annual Meeting in March. The annual meeting is held in Denver, CO, and is scheduled for Sunday, March 20th at 10am.

Additional Info and Links:
JETAARM membership signup
JETAARM bylaws
Descriptions of positions from the Bylaws

Take the JLPT in Colorado!

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT, is the go-to measure for assessing non-native Japanese language ability. The test is held in only a few cities in the United States, and this year Boulder, Colorado has been added as one of the testing sites!

The JLPT will be held on Sunday, December 7th, 2014 at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Registration will be open until 7pm Mountain Time, October 3rd, 2014.

The JLPT is available in five different levels from N1 to N5, with N1 being the most difficult, all levels will be tested on December 7th. Registration fees are $60 for N1 and N2 level tests, $50 for N3, N4 and N5 levels tests.

Please visit this website for more information and to register online for the JLPT.

がんばって to any and all JLPT test takers!

RMJETAA Board Elections 2014: We Need You!

JETAA Rocky Mountain needs you!

It’s the time of transitioning for our Board Members.  This year is especially important as most of our long-term Board Members are stepping down due to exciting life changes.  So this is your chance to “career up” and get involved!  We’re looking for motivated members who would like to be part of the team that creates cultural events, supports returned and soon-to-be JETs, and continues to build that bridge between the US and Japan.  You’ll have an opportunity to connect with not only the RMJETAA and other Japanese communities in the Rocky Mountain area, but also to be a part of the extensive national network.  We have plenty of opportunities for you to join the team!

President: Run monthly meetings. Coordinate the work of Board Members in planning and executing events and support activities.  Attend National and Regional Conferences and manage communication at the national level.  Network within the Japanese American community and collaborate with other organizations.

Vice-President: Fill-in for President and assist with all functions of the organization.

Events Coordinator: Lead in planning annual events, connect with community resources, and manage communication and promotion of events.

Secretary: Maintain meeting minutes.  Manage communication to member-base. Maintain member database and organization inventory.  Maintain attendance at meetings and events.

Treasurer: Coordinate with the RMJETAA board members and plan the annual budget, breakdown the budget for each individual event, maintain the bank account, reimburse members as needed, make necessary maintenance / supplies purchases for the organization.

Please contact for more information.  If you would like to run for one or more of these positions, please submit your platform to the above e-mail address.  Your submission will consist of a paragraph of why you are running for the position and what you would like to accomplish.  We will hold our elections meeting on Sunday, May 4th at 10AM at Common Grounds in Denver.


(Based on attendance the location of the meeting may change.  Please RSVP by April 27th so we can contact you if necessary)


Update on JETs Rally for Tohoku Fundraiser

JET Community Helps Raise Nearly $50,000 to Support Ishinomaki Students


Tuesday, March 11th marked the 3-year anniversary of the worst disaster to hit Japan in recent history. 3.11 is a date that few people connected with Japan will ever forget. This is particularly true for alumni of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET Program) – a unique program organized by the Japanese government that hires recent college graduates from all over the world to be assistant language teachers and international relations coordinators for local prefectural governments.

During the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, two JET participants lost their lives: Monty Dickson and Taylor Anderson. The families of these JETs have worked hard to share their stories and help the devastated communities where their loved ones lived and died. In particular, the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund was created to support the students and schools in Ishinomaki and the Tohoku region.

Since 2011 JET participants and alumni worldwide have also worked to support the disaster response, so far raising over $500,000 for the relief and recovery effort. As part of this effort the JET Alumni Association USA created a relief fund that has distributed almost $90,000 in grants for educational programs in the disaster zone.

This year, JETs mobilized again to support the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund with an online fundraising campaign entitled JETs Rally for Tohoku. In the first 24 hours, starting at midnight on March 11, 2014, Japan time, JET alumni, current JET participants, and friends around the world contributed more than $20,000 through Global Giving, an internationally recognized donation website. These funds were raised through social media and word of mouth, as well as through events in San Francisco and elsewhere around the United States.

By March 18, one week later, a total of 333 people had donated $24,238. Global Giving has pledged to match these donations, bringing the total mobilized to more than $48,000 — a formidable sum demonstrating the commitment of the global JET community to the recovery of the Tohoku region. These funds will be used for a series of initiatives supported by the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund: a community library for students in hard-hit Ishinomaki, scholarships for local students, and PTSD training to assist area residents.

The JETs Rally for Tohoku fundraising website on Global Giving will be left open for regular donations which means JETs can continue to spread the word, raise funds and support the people of Japan – a country close to all of their hearts.

For more information, please visit:
· JETs Rally for Tohoku
· Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund
· JET Alumni Association USA
· JET Program

Questions can be directed to Casey Marie Mochel at us1.jetaausa [at]

Donate For Tohoku

JETAA USA is supporting the Taylor Anderson Memorial Foundation for a 24 hour donation drive that starts when the clock strikes midnight in Japan on March 11. And GlobalGiving has offered to match these donations.

This is a great opportunity to show our ongoing support for Tohoku by going to the Global Giving website on March 11th to make a donation during the matching grant period.

Online donation drive
Donation website:
Starts: 12:00 midnight Japan time on 3/11 (9 a.m. MDT on March 10)
Ends: 11:59 p.m. Japan time on 3/11 (8:59 a.m. MDT on March 11)  GlobalGiving has lifted the 24 deadline, contributions will be matched until funds run out!


Three years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the devastation in Tohoku has largely faded from the news. However, so much remains to be done for the survivors and TAMF has been partnering with a number of organizations in Japan to provide relief and help the people of Tohoku build a strong and vibrant future.

TAMF has provided funding to the following projects:

For more information on TAMF, please go to, their Facebook page at, or watch the NHK interview with Jeanne and Andy at

JETAA USA is proud to partner with TAMF to carry on the support JETs and JET alumni have shown for Japan and the people of Tohoku ever since March 2011.


All donations up to $1,000 per individual donor made to the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund on March 11th Japan time will be matched by Global Giving through their Japan Match Global Giving program. (Global Giving will charge a 15% facilitation fee to cover their costs, which donors may choose to cover if they wish so that their full donation amount goes to TAMF. See the page for details.)

We are also very happy to see Ambassador Kennedy giving her backing to their mission, as well.  For coverage of her recent trip to Ishinomaki and visit to Mangokuura Elementary School, where Taylor taught, please check out the article at